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Our vineyards at the Moselle

The Schweicher Annaberg is a vineyard in the town of Schweich on the Moselle wine region. The steep slope faces exclusively south.

Soil structure: deep Rotliegend (Permian) from the Wittlich Depression combined with red slate and greywacke.

The Annaberg was classified as "first class location" in the historic vineyard classification map (Saar and Moselle wine-growing card for the Region of Trier) by the Royal Prussian cadastral tax inspector Klotten in 1868.

Here grow the grapes for our semi-sweet selection "Heart & Soul" and a semi-dry Riesling from old vines.

These wines are characterised by a special flavour, both spicy and exotic, reminiscent(and make us think) of ripe mango and yellow fruits.

This single vineyard is located in the village of Pölich (Bernkastel region) in the German wine region Moselle.
These vineyards are facing south to east with 10 to 45% slope and include 109 hectares of vineyard
On the shallow to medium-deep weathered slate soil with partly loamy sand on gravel at the base of the slow grows mainly the Riesling.
Some of our vineyard parcels in this location are planted with over 80 years old, ungrafted vines. The preservation of these parcels is our greatest challenge.

The grapes from these vineyards provide the basis for a dry and fruity-sweet wine from old vines. These wines are characterized by the mineral slate, and are expressive and exiting at the same time.

Leiwener Klostergarten is one of the vineyards included in the vineyard district Sankt Michael in Leiwen on the Moselle.

All the vineyards of Leiwen to the right of the Moselle on the plane and the adjacent slopes belong to the Leiwener Klostergarten. This area has mixed soils.
Light, well heatable sandy gravel soils up to medium heavy clay soils characterize the flavour of these wines. Thanks to good water and humus supply as well as a very limited section, these vineyards produce aromatic, rich Riesling wines.

The vines that grow here are the basis for our off-dry Riesling wines and basic wines in litre bottles with fine, elegant and mineral characteristics.

This single vineyard is located in the town of Neumagen (Bernkastel region) in the German wine region Moselle. The vineyards are facing south-west to west with 25 to 60% slope and include 26 hectares of vineyard area on soils which are partly rocky and partly clay weathered slate. Our plot in this steep slopes is the very basis for a fine-fruity, delicate and mineral Riesling. True to its name, this area is known for its rose floral aromas.