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Philosophy of the Moselle wine

The most important type of grape for our company is the Riesling, it amounts to over 80%. We produce Riesling wines in all flavours. Dry, medium-dry, off-dry and fruity-sweet. In a refined form you can enjoy it as a Riesling sparkling wine, produced in the traditional way by fermenting the wine in the bottle.
The wines produced with the type of grape pinot blanc and blue pinot noir round off the diversity of our assortment.
We also offer noble fruit brandies, Riesling brandies or liqueurs produced by the most excellent distillers of our region.
The cultivation of our vineyards, located to over 80% on steep slopes, is an important challenge for us. The cultivation has to be close to nature, always in harmony with the vines and the living creatures on the vineyard.

The preservation of old vines, which are up to 80 years old, represent a great responsibility for us. But we are specially proud of the performance of our employees, who do a great and very arduous job on the steel slopes.
We offer our guests a hike through the vineyards. And of course you can help us to harvest our vineyards, as well as watching over our shoulder while we work in the wine cellar.
Gentle treatment in the cellar, with modern cellar technology, but always reminiscent of the traditional methods, like the fermentation with natural yeast, the spontaneous fermentation. Always with the goal, to produce Terroir accentuated wines,which are incredibly diverse and exciting at the same time.
Our wines shall be personalities, with a distinctive expression and the flair for a special moment of pleasure.
Maybe you are the next delighted customer, who drinks our Riesling at home in the near future.